Stories create wide avenues for traveling through life.  We learn, slowly, how our habits help us smooth the way ahead or pit the road with trouble.  “Here’s what helps,” a counselor may tell us and we begin to give in order to receive, and to receive so that giving makes more sense along the way.  That’s how rituals come to be:  We gather with others to mark certain crossroads, this event, this moment.  Even alone, giving a level of importance to a personal experience, matters.


How we serve and are truly served has to do with the symbols we carry inside us.  They may or may not originate with one’s religion, but they are definitely connected to our belief in life itself.

From these symbols our values unfold and the energy that drives us when everything else has fallen away.  Learning the dynamics of our personal symbols is how we grow into our own power.

The significance of your life story reaches back to ancestors and reverberates in ever widening circles through cultures, across borders, in rituals where creeds are passed along with or without words.  Whatever we say about religious affiliation that we appreciate or if we have no religious orientation, all of us live in this savory mixture–a kind of sacred world soup–ever day.  What we dip from our own heritage and pass on to the next generation continues to make a difference for this hour and whatever comes.