Audrey Ward, M.Div, with 30 years of interfaith experience, writes and performs words to remember expressly for your event.

Our lives matter from the first breath to the last. Milestones celebrating growth and maturity, graduations and promotions; friendships we make and hearts that
break--all--deserve a pause in our ordinary routine, a time-out to be with each other and carve a space for lighting the candle, pouring the blessing: reaching out, holding on, and letting go. Learning, together, to say hello and good-bye with grace whether to an era or moving forward into an entirely new life.

You can count on me to plan an event with you that will warm your memories through all the winters to come.


Do you remember the children’s book I’m in Charge of Celebrations (Byrd Taylor, words, and Peter Parnall, pictures)? The author immortalizes moments of surprise and elation by declaring a holiday for herself. Here’s how she puts it, “Last year I gave myself one hundred and eight celebrations besides the ones they close school for.” That's what I’m talking about when I talk about ritual. If you choose to share it, or even if you don’t, still, putting the moment on your life-calendar by way of truth invested in right words.


Companions along our way make a difference to us every day. The word itself--companion-- means with bread. When we enter into a companionship, or leave, the marking of this time will echo through every other part of our lives. So take care. Surround these choices with gentle messages not only to others, but to yourself. Then we will hear the call of memory again with a sense of personal respect and dignity that will add, always, to our well being.


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